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Things you should know about Window Tint...

First, you should always have a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty for your tint. Here at Mobile Shades, one is guaranteed with every installation! If there is a chance you will be moving out of state, make sure you receive a warranty card from us! This card will provide you proof of purchase, the type of window tint used, and the roll numbers of the tint used. Any retailer using our products will be able to fix any issues you may have. 

Second, use NON-Ammonia based cleaners. Window tint is porous, and ammonia can travel through the tint and eat away the adhesive. We want your tint to last a long time, so be aware! We use the Sparkle brand here at Mobile Shades. 


Third, your window tint will appear a bit streaky for a while, and may even have a water blister here and there for the first 24 hours. This is part of the normal drying process. It can even take a few days depending on weather temperatures. We recommend letting your vehicle dry in the sun, or if it's winter, turn your heat up high! This will speed up the drying process and take away the small imperfections. Of course, if the issues remain, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will fix it right away!

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