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Film Series: Benefits to Tinting Your Business

Your business deserves the luxury and protection that tint can offer! Mobile Shades offers a variety of tints that suit all of your business needs.

Got a large window that causes glare in your eyes, causing you to shut out your views with ugly blinds? Window Tint has your back! Mobile Shades' regular window tint reduced glare by as much as 50% while our ceramic tint reduces glare up to 89%! This means you and your customers can ditch the blinds and get back to enjoying the view

Mobile Shades also provides security film services. If you're concerned about break-ins, this tint job may be for you! Security film helps to defend against attacks and hold any splintering glass together to help avoid total shatter.

As seen in our Henry County Health Center Job Highlight, Mobile Shades also offers decorative film to spruce up your office space. We can tint any glass surface that you would like, even adding privacy film to conference rooms and bathrooms.

Tint also blocks 99% of UV rays from entering your building, which means that your office will stay cool in the summer, and help to reduce fading on your furniture, carpets, and walls.

In addition, our regular window tint reduces heat absorption by as much as 40%, and our ceramic tint decreases heat absorption from the sun by 55% in your office and prevents heat loss in the winter!

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