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Film Series: Benefits to Tinting Your Personal Vehicles

You won't be surprised that Mobile Shades tints a lot of personal vehicles. They make up the majority of our day-to-day work!

There are many benefits to tinting your personal vehicle, much like there is to tinting your home or office.

Headlight glare, especially with the newer LED headlights, is a common problem for many people. Luckily, you can tint your full windshield and reduce the glare by 89%, which also serves to reduce the amount of heat that gets into your vehicle by 55%, keeping your car nice and cool in the summer.

Mobile Shades only tints windshields up to 50% visibility, so you never have to worry about your tint being too dark!

Mobile Shades also does brow strips for your windshield, which helps to reduce some glare from the sun, but doesn't extend to cover your whole windshield. The brow strip can be as light or dark as you want to go, and still provides some of the benefits for glare and heat reduction.

In addition to treating your windshield, Mobile Shades can tint any window on your car--even the sleek glass roofs from Teslas. Window tint provides an upgrade to your car's exterior and provides some privacy to your daily drives. Not to mention, the benefits of protection from UV rays, heat reduction for the summer, and heat retention in the winter!

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