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10 Facts about Mobile Shades Window Tint!

  1. The percent of your tint is how much visible light is being let into your vehicle. For example, 20% tint means that 20% of daylight is entering your car through the tint.

  2. Only use non-ammonia based cleaners on your windows. Ammonia can break down the adhesive that binds the tint from your windows. Mobile Shades uses the Sparkle brand!

  3. Blocks 99% of UV rays from entering your home, vehicle, and commercial vehicle or building that could cause skin cancer.

  4. Mobile Shades' regular window tint reduced heat absorption by as much of 40%, and our ceramic tint decreases heat absorption from the sun by 55% in your car, home, office, or commercial vehicle in the summer and prevents heat loss in the winter.

  5. Saves money on your electric bill due to reflecting heat away during summer and preventing heat loss in winter!

  6. Mobile Shades' regular window tint reduced glare by as much of 50% while our ceramic tint reduces glare up to 89%!

  7. Window tint helps to increase the privacy of your home, vehicle, or wherever you need it most!

  8. Helps to prevent total shatter of your windows should anything hit them! Mobile Shades also offers security film that can bolster this effect.

  9. Prevents fading on your car seats, hardwood floors, carpets, etc!

  10. All Mobile Shades tints come with warranties, some even have lifetime warranties and include labor costs!

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