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About the Owner!

Mobile Shades is owned and operated by Troy Dunker. Troy is from Lafayette, IN, and currently lives in Mackinaw, IL. Troy has a beautiful wife and three amazing kids.

Troy has been in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry since 1987, and has seen many changes in the way vehicles are looked after for many years. He first started working in a dealership in Monticello, IN at the age of 13, and got into Aftermarket Accessories when he was 18.

Before starting Mobile Shades here in Central Illinois, Troy owned Dunkers bar and restaurant in Mackinaw, IL, worked in real estate for Coldwell Banker. Troy has also taken coursework from Purdue University and Southwest Texas State University.

Mobile Shades first started in Lafayette, IN. Throughout the years, Troy has served communities in Indiana, Texas, and Illinois.

Troy has been serving the Central Illinois community since 1999, first appearing as Illinois Tint Plus in Bloomington, and evolving into Mobile Shades as we know it today!

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