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Job Highlight: '71 Chevy Firetruck

This week, Mobile Shades donated a full Cool Vu Transitional Film job for That Bearded Jerk Charity's 1971 Chevy Firetruck.

That Bearded Jerk is a charity that raises money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and promotes Childhood Cancer Awareness. Many of their events and fundraising are done through social media and community events in the Central Illinois Area.

The firetruck, Unit 54, that Mobile Shades had the honor to tint comes from San Jose IL Fire Protection District It was in use for 50 years, and served its community as a water tanker.

After some new decals and help from Mobile Shades, Unit 54 will be riding in style and raising awareness for Childhood Cancer at parades around Central Illinois.

For more information about this awesome charity, visit or check them out on Facebook!

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