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Keep Your Fabrics and Floors from Fading Away with Mobile Shades!

Have you ever had your floors, car seats, or rugs fade or become sun-bleached?

Fading is also referred to as photodegradation, and in fabric, is caused by sunlight breaking down the pigments in the dyes that make your rugs and seats look so beautiful.

Ultraviolet rays, while not the only aggressor from sunlight, plays a major role in how these pigments are broken down based on their chemical makeup.

Visible light also plays a role in how your carpets, hardwood floors, car seats, and dashboards become bleached by the sun.

Consumers nowadays are obsessed with bright lighting in their homes, offices, and really, anywhere they go, but this can cause a lot of fading throughout these spaces.

Luckily, window tint can help to block out more than 99% of UV rays and can help reduce the amount of visible light reaching your precious surfaces and causing them to fade over time.

Mobile Shades can help you there. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to tint your car, home, or office and help prevent your favorite wares from fading away.


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